28-Mar, 2021
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Sharing a few of my favorite tips + hacks on how to decorate or furnishing your space if it's on the smaller side. These tricks will help make your home feel brighter, inviting and all around larger! Which tip was your favorite? Comment below!
+ Black mirror- www.ikea.com/us/en/p/lindbyn-mirror-black-30458610/
+ Ladder shelf desk- bit.ly/3vYYGBJ
+ Storage bench- bit.ly/3lPZOTs
+ Full length mirror- www.ikea.com/us/en/p/hovet-mirror-aluminum-50038213/
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+ Memory Card (BEST): bit.ly/1Q9SNcz
+ Tripod: bit.ly/1RyMj6z
+ Music by Carter Vail - Melatonin - thmatc.co/?l=D99A7C6F
Thanks so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed. Leave any future video ideas you would like to see in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe!

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    Lone FoxLone Fox24 kun oldin
    • Have you ever considered teaching people how to decorate their Air BnBs?

      Dawn OldhamDawn Oldham15 kun oldin
    • @Lauren Sellers should be in description .. look for email..

      Ann LathamAnn Latham20 kun oldin
    • I have watched a couple of your videos and love your tips and style! Sometimes I see way to much of something and it doesn’t look nice but the way you do it makes sense. I wish I could design just like you!

      Leah MLeah M20 kun oldin
    • Thank you for slowing down witty ajk:;

      Xtrordinary GalXtrordinary Gal21 kun oldin
    • when i was in college, to maximize my tiny dorm room, i moved the tall dresser they gave us into the closet. i had more floor space to do yoga and it worked for me.

      M GarciaM Garcia21 kun oldin
  • Thanks for this amazing video! If you don’t mind, where did you get your sconce?

    Nadine CastroNadine CastroKun oldin
  • Thanks Drew! Your videos and tips are always incredible. I love them and you.

    Shani AlexisShani AlexisKun oldin
  • In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here: livesoundproof.com/best-soundproof-curtains/

    Laura BrownLaura Brown3 kun oldin
  • Are u aware of the high commercial count on ur site?

    C GC G7 kun oldin
  • Good video!!!!

    Estrella PerezEstrella Perez9 kun oldin
  • Excellent tips and not too much info that I lose interest! Thank you!

    Shelley CreedShelley Creed10 kun oldin
  • I ordinarily never click on the bell icon for youtube channels. I don't fancy the flow of useless videos other people tend to produce, especially if I only preferred one or two from their list. However, I want to see all of the videos you create. Infinitely many of your videos really hit the right topics, you're interesting, plus you are so well educated on the subjects of decoration and redesign. My apartment has been driving me up a wall because of the scarcity of money, including all of the hand-me-down furniture my family gifted me. I have no idea how to decorate or add accommodations, so this video furthermore many other videos you've uploaded, are a huge help for me. Thank you so much!

    Blank CanvasBlank Canvas11 kun oldin
  • I have a lot of hobbies, crafts etc. I would love ideas on how to organize better when I really can't put it all away mid-project. Closets are stuffed!

    P. ClareP. Clare12 kun oldin
  • these tipps are great, even for someone like me, whos been living in a very small apartment for 8+ years

    Chubby MadonnaChubby Madonna12 kun oldin
  • Any more tips for rentals where you can't paint or put holes in the walls? :( I wish I could have wall shelves and sconces in my little NY apartment.

    mirrorcleworldmirrorcleworld12 kun oldin
  • You are so good at it God bless you !

    billonaria #1billonaria #114 kun oldin
  • I am bagging you to show us the dresser in the closet!

    Ingrid ParaisoIngrid Paraiso14 kun oldin
  • You are an Amazing Interior Designer

    Minica EstiletteMinica Estilette14 kun oldin
  • Love these Drew, your absolutely Awesome, you have so much Inspiration, ty so much my friend, P.S. I need some ideas for turning my Kitchen n DR, which it is open area, I painted it like oh my goodness at least 23 yrs ago, With the chef men n it's a really dark dark chef Red. I'm ready to put some lightest gray almost white, n go From there

    Minica EstiletteMinica Estilette14 kun oldin
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    Crouse AnthonyCrouse Anthony15 kun oldin
  • In the first minute of the intro you said 4 times there are 10 tips.

    Annette ThibaudeauAnnette Thibaudeau15 kun oldin
  • Is there a video that talks about that beautiful olive wall detail? Was it created, painted and attached to the wall? Or was it there when you moved in? I'd love to recreate it, thanks!

    Kathryn DalzielKathryn Dalziel15 kun oldin
  • Also Drew what's that plant/tree that's behind you in this video? Love it 😁 #want-one

    chez nychez ny15 kun oldin
  • I got me some cute sconces from Urban Outfitters and love them! And I agree lighter colors make spaces look so much bigger.

    Mycah EquetteMycah Equette16 kun oldin
  • Your number 2 tip is number 1 for me! I think it’s the most crucial. Our couch we got from ikea. It’s a small sectional, but it lets out into a bed for guests. But our favorite part: it has a chaise so it has storage underneath! I practice minimalism so we’re always lookin for furniture with multiple functions.

    Mycah EquetteMycah Equette16 kun oldin
    • very true

      cycy22 soat oldin
  • Hi. I just recently started following you so I’m not sure if you’ve already posted this but.. I love the green wall trim you have behind your headboard. Is this one of your DIY’s and if there is a video can you link it for me. Thanks 😘

    nyoka brownnyoka brown16 kun oldin
  • Drew - what tree is in the background? I really want to know, I feel like it would make my room look a lot nicer. Also, if anyone else knows, please comment below :) Also I love your designs, they're amazing

    Mia PepperMia Pepper16 kun oldin
  • Wish you did the opposite. My nephew just moved in his first apartment (basement). It's huge and he has practically nothing in it. I've never seen a video of how to fill a room using dollar store DIY. Everything is always small. I challenge you to make something BIG.

    Rerun RescueRerun Rescue16 kun oldin
  • Where’s your bedsheets from?

    Stacey MacStacey Mac17 kun oldin
  • Wow you talk really fast

    Ghiamylane MaduroGhiamylane Maduro17 kun oldin
  • I love your style and you looked so cute rolling on the carpet!

    Jenn WatsonJenn Watson17 kun oldin
  • Any video recommendations for Makeovers for Rental apartments where you can’t paint or drill holes?

    SydneySydney18 kun oldin
  • where are your nightstands from? 🥰

    Ciara CeliCiara Celi18 kun oldin
  • The puck light in the sconce 🤯

    Stephanie AStephanie A18 kun oldin
  • Love it!!!!!! Drew,can you make a video for small apartments hacks when you can not drill holes or paint 😑 ....moving from a 3 bedroom home to a 1bedroom apartment....many thanks from Canada xxx

    Line DallaireLine Dallaire18 kun oldin
  • Where did you get the couch

    michelle vermeulenmichelle vermeulen18 kun oldin
  • Can you stop doing the hand wave and shoulder movement as you talk? •You talk too fast (breathe) and you move your entire body as you talk. I'm not saying be a robot but, you need to find something else to do with your awkward hands.

    Alex DeLeonAlex DeLeon18 kun oldin
  • So... none of these are renter friendly?! Got it.

    Alex DeLeonAlex DeLeon18 kun oldin
  • Why am I just now finding out Drew has a UZworld channel!?!? AND THE VIDEOS ARE SO GOOD!

    Brianna BinghamBrianna Bingham18 kun oldin
  • Lone Fox, I really need help to redecorate my son's bedroom! Please help.

    Kristina RutmanKristina Rutman19 kun oldin
  • These are great tips...thank you. Question for you....in bedrooms is it recommended to paint them in calming colors versus white?

    Julie ConnorsJulie Connors19 kun oldin
  • The fact you said “you can look at yourself” for the mirror is a clear sign you HAVE to have Leo in your chart!!

    Issel NavarreteIssel Navarrete19 kun oldin
  • Love your ideas💖💖💖

    N TN T19 kun oldin
  • your tips r nothing new. we have heard about these tips from so many years

    Ashok PhalnikarAshok Phalnikar19 kun oldin
  • Omg,no more barn doors!😅

    joekinn69joekinn6919 kun oldin
  • Don't forget under the bed. Repurpose old draws and put wheels on them for storage. Or the plastic tote on wheels. Good for shoes, seasonal clothes, anything really.

    Mimi BMimi B19 kun oldin
  • I freaked out @ 5:56 ☝🏼

    Niko PazNiko Paz19 kun oldin
  • I’ve been eyeing that bed frame online but I’ve seen mixed reviews. What are your thoughts on it?

    AndjuliaAndjulia20 kun oldin
  • Thanks for all your tipsi love them

    Lourdes BernalLourdes Bernal20 kun oldin
  • Editing down my color palette? HAHAHAHAHAHA, no.

    Yennifer VillaYennifer Villa20 kun oldin
  • Omg where is your desk from in your nook?

    Emma Rose KoroiveibauEmma Rose Koroiveibau20 kun oldin
    • Ikea!

      Lone FoxLone Fox20 kun oldin
  • Love these ideas! I would love to see your take on some renter-friendly apartment decorating tips

    Becca RobisonBecca Robison20 kun oldin
  • This is exactly the video I was looking for! 🌿❤️

    Shelby WilderShelby Wilder20 kun oldin
  • Hi Drew! I just wanted to ask if I can hire you to decorate my new apartment. I already sent you an email. Also, here’s my email: michaeldarylroy@icloud.com

    Michael RoyMichael Roy20 kun oldin
  • Old lady lovin some Fox😘! Saved to library. Feel and love your passion!

    LaDonna NationLaDonna Nation20 kun oldin
  • Wait.... do they reply to every comment 🥺

  • You just need to create a playlist of all the lofi beats from the intros!

    Shina OmisanyaShina Omisanya20 kun oldin

    Irene López MartínIrene López Martín20 kun oldin
  • I am so curious about those puck lights! Are they bright enough for reading at night? How long do the batteries last?

    Catherine KoblinskyCatherine Koblinsky20 kun oldin
    • Yes they are!!

      Lone FoxLone Fox20 kun oldin
  • I love your ideas.

    Bonnie RamirezBonnie Ramirez21 kun oldin
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    Juan Sebastian HolguinJuan Sebastian Holguin21 kun oldin
  • Perfect wonderful tips Drew😃 Thank you for reminding us how make a space amazing ❤️cat xxx

    Cat SanchezCat Sanchez21 kun oldin
    • @Lone Fox You are very welcome Drew😁

      Cat SanchezCat Sanchez20 kun oldin
    • Thanks Cat! :)

      Lone FoxLone Fox20 kun oldin
  • I have a quick off the subject question. You did a video I think last year that showed a table you made, and you ordered some table legs from a company, not Amazon. I looked at the website at the time, but don’t remember now. You said the site had many table legs. Do you remember, and if so, can you tell me again please? Thank you!

    karen harriskaren harris21 kun oldin
  • I just watched your Fiverr design video and ordered a design for my livingroom. Anxious to see what comes through. Thanks for the tip!!

    Danni PasqiDanni Pasqi21 kun oldin
    • Omg exciting!!! :)

      Lone FoxLone Fox20 kun oldin
  • If you use a bench for a coffee table and think you have extra seating too... where do you set your drinks if people are sitting on it? I used a bench for a coffee table for about a month and then moved it. Things get spilled. Fabric can stain.

    Pruz ZillaPruz Zilla21 kun oldin
  • Hi, please help me with a dilemma. I want the display cabinet to finish up to the ceiling in order to draw out and elongate the visual. However hubby says to finish it shorter as else it is getting a bit too high from the eye level and not good viewing angle. The ceiling is at 9ft from the floor. Please advise. Thanks

    pujamaulipujamauli21 kun oldin
  • What's that plant behind you? It's so lovely !

    Joanna BorgoszJoanna Borgosz21 kun oldin
  • Could you give us a home tour of your entire place. (kitchen and bathroom included) 😊

    Bellasand45Bellasand4521 kun oldin
    • I plan to do an entire apartment tour once I finish my kitchen + bathroom :) I have an empty apartment tour on my channel tho!

      Lone FoxLone Fox20 kun oldin
  • Wow Drew, great tips on small space decorating, I live in 800 square feet and I am always looking for tips on storage and paint colors to make spaces seem either bigger or brighter. I just finished my bedroom project and I am super happy with the paint and deor I chose and you did give me a few ideas. I really get excited for all of your videos because you are so good at these decorating hacks and just make me so happy to see all of these great ideas. Take care and I will see you in your next video, sending love and hugs, bye for now.

    Holly HasegawaHolly Hasegawa21 kun oldin
    • Thanks so much Holly!! So glad you get inspired by my videos :)

      Lone FoxLone Fox20 kun oldin
  • We live in a tiny 2 bed house. Our bathroom is also our laundry and linen. Our entry, living, dining and office is a combined space. We have a sofa that’s also a sofa bed, desk with large iMac serves as our TV/office, ottoman is our coffee table/spare seat and lounge for sofa and dining setting is also an extra space for office too. Works for us and still have some things to add to make more functional like shelves as you mentioned as I have too many books that are shoved into a 4 x 4 cube storage and on my bedside.

    Rebecca CoulsonRebecca Coulson21 kun oldin
  • Okay what is the name of the green on your wall in the background?? It's STUNNING

    Madeline HempMadeline Hemp21 kun oldin
    • Conifer Green by Behr :)

      Lone FoxLone Fox20 kun oldin
  • Do you have any tips for someone who doesn't want to loose their entire deposit?

    All Girl ReviewAll Girl Review21 kun oldin
  • God you are so good at this. Your room is freaking art

    ASHASH21 kun oldin
  • Congrats on 1 M

    Helen LeeHelen Lee21 kun oldin
  • Thanks Drew, great tips!

    Audrey CarusoAudrey Caruso21 kun oldin
  • I RENT. We have horizontal blinds on every window. Any suggestions?

    Michele WebbMichele Webb21 kun oldin
  • Great video! Very helpful tips ❤️👍👍👍👍

  • Thank you so much! I used a lot of your tips and diy ideas for my space 😊

    Thomas N.Thomas N.21 kun oldin
  • Great tips!

    Kathy KaufmanKathy Kaufman21 kun oldin
  • How do you choose a color palette and like..... stick with it lol I feel so dumb but I finally realized after like 3 years that I'm completely unhappy with my color choices because the ones I like are just sooo... powerful- overwhelming and like... feel too dark, but they are also relaxing and sexy in a way yet still DON'T satisfy the space or make me feel good about it.

    Miss FoxMiss Fox22 kun oldin
  • As a maximalist, I enjoy your videos so muuuuch but could you do a maximalist challenge?

    Iris AguilarIris Aguilar22 kun oldin
  • Cool video!

    What About NowWhat About Now22 kun oldin
  • HEY! I have a decor dilemma. My living room, kitchen, and dining room are all one room. Like a square. Multiple windows that arent tall or low to the floor. What do I do about curtains? I don't need them to do curtain things, just extra dimension, and texture.

    tia schaefertia schaefer22 kun oldin
  • Omg this is so helpful for living in nyc lolol

    Elena TaberElena Taber22 kun oldin
  • The Hovet mirror is discontinued

    Ryan NuzumRyan Nuzum22 kun oldin
  • Please do dorm room ideas!!

    kenedy quandtkenedy quandt22 kun oldin
  • The weird space between my living room rug n dining room rug is like 2 feet.

    M WoodsM Woods22 kun oldin
  • Great tips!!!! I’m excited to start decorating around the house again!

    MissbeTrulyMissbeTruly22 kun oldin
  • Sconces make such a bit difference! They have so many awesome wired ones that you can just plug in. I just got some and I love them but they were much bigger than I thought they were gonna be lol.

    ChachiChachi22 kun oldin
    • I'm loving sconces too!!

      Lone FoxLone Fox21 kun oldin
  • The wall mounted hideaway desks are called Murphy desks. They are so useful in small spaces.

    Deanna McVDeanna McV22 kun oldin
  • Seen puck light hacks before ... this one is gorgeous

    Laura R GardeaLaura R Gardea22 kun oldin
  • I love the plant behind where can I get one?

    Diego ArroyoDiego Arroyo22 kun oldin
  • Thank you for this, seriously🤎

    Whitney PoweWhitney Powe22 kun oldin
  • Wow! All you do is beautiful

    Raïka LajeunesseRaïka Lajeunesse22 kun oldin
  • Great tips for any size room.

    Deb FrankeDeb Franke22 kun oldin
  • You are a treasure

    MaddalenaMaddalena22 kun oldin
  • ❤️

    sugarbiesugarbie22 kun oldin
  • Also a great hack with curtains: if your windows are really narrow, or you have like just on tiny window on a big wall, extend the curtain rod way beyond the actual window. throw in a good 50cm at least. you will have your curtain covering up that wall space and it creates the illusion that behind the curtain, the window is still larger.

    Franziska FroschFranziska Frosch22 kun oldin
  • This video was suggested to me. Glad I watched it. Really nice video, and loved how you showed your mistake with the navy blue wall. Thank you for the tips, I liked the easy panelling you did on your wall.

    IbislifeIbislife22 kun oldin
  • I want to change my living room. My bedroom is OK, but only use it to sleep in, no t.v. or anything else. My living room, dinning area's is where i'm at the most, plus patio. Thanks for some idea's.

    Linda FoyleLinda Foyle22 kun oldin
  • Great tips! Can you please make a video using the last tip? Thanks!

    Teresa AmaralTeresa Amaral22 kun oldin
  • How can you even match the greenery with the wall !?😂😂😂 The space you design is amazing🔥🔥

    kakcskakcs22 kun oldin
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    sunny raazsunny raaz22 kun oldin
  • Hello 🙌 I am happy to watch your videos, thank you. A lot of interesting things. I'm from Russia. Can I ask you?) Please include subtitles in different languages. So you will expand the circle of your viewers from different countries.

    Arseniy OrchevArseniy Orchev22 kun oldin