100 DIY HOME DECOR IDEAS + HACKS You Actually Want To Make! ✨ (Full Tutorials)

28-Fev, 2021
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Happy Sunday!! In honor of hitting 1 MILLION subscribers, I wanted to share with you 100 DIY home décor ideas. Some of may look familiar but I also sprinkled in some new DIYs as well! I want to sincerely thank each and every one of you who continue to comment, like and watch my videos every single week! I love you all so much and I can't wait to see what is in store in 2021 for Lone Fox!
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Thanks so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed. Leave any future video ideas you would like to see in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe!

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    • Could you plz add me in this giveaway actually i really needed money to complete my study so badly 😭😭 i m bit late but i req you to plz add me up to this contest i just want to try my luck .. may many hapiness you have in your lifee ☺️☺️@lone fox

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  • We don’t deserve Drew.

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  • 32:34 Macrame Candle Holder 49:04 Geometric wall Hanging

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  • thank you soo soo much for this!

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  • ⚠️ This video contains a male voice speaking 8 times the number of words a woman uses daily.

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  • My favourite was ninety four. The boho light shade made from IKEA bowls. I have those bowls, and I need a light shade which doesn’t cost an arm and a leg but fits my eclectic style. It was worth watching the entire video just for that. I also likes the door knobs.

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  • I can't believe I missed the basketball hoop. I have 2 boys and I'd love to them in their rooms

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  • LOL. Did you grow up in NJ? I grew up in Northern NJ and I have not seen anyone talk so fast since I moved to NC. LOL You are one continuous run-on sentence. LOL You are so cute. I just found your channel and I am enjoying it.

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  • Not 1million But 1.1 million including me

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  • You deserve it. You are so creative. Congratulations

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  • Hi, just love your macrami style crafts. I can't find your video using the IKEA scarf holder and wool to make a wall hanging. Can you help me please 😊

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  • I noticed your thumb was hurt, sorry about that and thank you for these free amazing diys

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  • Congratulations one million subscribers! I’ve been with Line Fox from the beginning. You are such a wonderful person and inspire a lot of DIY’s! I would love for you to make over my kitchen. But I’m stuck because the color of my kitchen! I’ve recently moved so the color matches nothing I’ve had before!

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  • People can see you're a lovely person inside and out so you deserve all the support ❤️

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  • The vinyl frame would be nice for a calendar, as well.

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  • My living room 🥲 I have dreamed of that inviting homey feeling and not a broke parent, blank, toddler toy infested area 🤣

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  • Drew I am so proud of you!! I love the throwback ladder clip! It just shows how you are constantly growing and learning new things! You have truly become such a multitalented DIYer and craftsman! 👏👏👏 DANG!! THIS WAS SO GOOD!!

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  • music go so loud sometime we cant barely hear u sweety

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  • So cool. But can you talk slower and maybe less? Greets

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  • Amazzzzzingaaaaaa! Thank you so much for all that hard and creative work. You have truly inspired me and I'm sure others as well. I can't wait to make several unique pieces that I can brag about on my next event thanks to your brilliant brain. WOW!

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    • Thank you so much Stacy :)

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  • Anyone else have to watch this in stages? If I hear the phrase 'went ahead' one more time my eyes are gonna roll right back into my brain... love the ideas though, might just have to watch the rest on mute

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  • Hey friend, I really appreciate your ability. Now we are looking for someone who can create videos to promote our products in UZworld.You are the right person that we are looking for. So may I know whether there are any chances to cooperate with you?

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  • Love your diys. Keep making beautiful art.😊

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  • just ignore me.... 1:24:10 , 1:26:30 , 50:50 , 15:10 , 35:12

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  • 46:53 you forgot one little thing. Metal is a really goot heat absorbant :) If it´s under something plastic, it will burn. And this types of candle you can buy in shops normally. So be careful

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  • I'd like to do almost all of them, but i' have no place in my place ! My second issue ist that nowadays you can find some cheap shops, where are many really beatiful rustical bowls and objects, out of cley, metal, concrete or wood etc., which look like DIY, for 2 to 5 euros, and it gives me the feeling, my time is not worth it anymore to create or recreate... =(

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  • If you do a resin project you absolutely need protective gear!! I gasped when you didn't put gloves on. Be careful please!

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  • This is my dream- basically a lonefox asmr/ambiance video

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  • Ur excitement in ur voice. Is so fast. I've had 6 Surgery From last January to Dec.. my body was to move and get going. My house is a PIG STY It depressed me to see Bedroom my sister and uncle passed away. Which tear flow. Thank u

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  • I made it to #100! Now I can’t remember which projects I want to recreate! Enjoyed every minute. You are so creative!

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  • I’m on the

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  • Genial todas las ideas como siempres !!! Nuevo suscriptor, Te agradeceria que eches un vistazo a mi canal donde muestro diferentes ideas con electronica, acero, cadenas, restauraciones, etc, quedan GENIALES !!! y me gustaria algun comentario dec ritica constructiva para saber que les gusta mas y poder seguir subiendo !!! no cuesta nada una miradita y si te gusta invitados a SUSCRIBIRTE !!! GRACIAS y vendiciones a todos CRACKS !!! 👉👉 uzworld.info/player/video/jmbcfM5mlpHbdp4 👈👈

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  • I must go to bed, but cannot seem to stop watching. The dilemma of my day!! I cannot wait to learn and watch more; this video as an introduction to this channel is such great inspiration. Thank you

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    • Thank you so much April :) glad you are enjoying my videos!

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  • Project 16 Concrete planter why didn't you oil spray the cup to easy remove the cup?

    sexylatindread sexylatindreadsexylatindread sexylatindread21 kun oldin
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