DIY IKEA HACKS - Affordable DIY Room Decor + Furniture Hacks for 2021!

21-Fev, 2021
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New year, new IKEA hacks! Excited to share with you another set of 4 projects, all easy but transformative hacks! Which one was your favorite? Comment below!
+ Bamboo bowl large:
+ Bamboo bowl small: In store only
+ Wooden beads:
+ Jute rope:
+ Jute rug:
+ Black spray paint:
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Thanks so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed. Leave any future video ideas you would like to see in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe!

  • Cool pillow!

    Fiona MacVaneFiona MacVane8 soat oldin
  • You are adorable,

    Rose HealionRose Healion18 soat oldin

    Mónica cruzMónica cruz20 soat oldin
  • Pillows are so expensive now. People have bumped their heads.

    dcoleman4444dcoleman4444Kun oldin
  • I liked the last project, inspirational! The others were good too!

    Maria SeppanenMaria Seppanen2 kun oldin
  • Você poderia falar mais devagar? Rsrsrs

    MARIA LEONOR Garcia DiasMARIA LEONOR Garcia Dias2 kun oldin
  • I’m obsessed n I want all of them. ❤️

    Myscathycandoit 1Myscathycandoit 12 kun oldin
  • The light fixture and pillow are gorgeous

    Sam OliverSam Oliver3 kun oldin

    Free abortion for all And I like itFree abortion for all And I like it3 kun oldin

    Free abortion for all And I like itFree abortion for all And I like it3 kun oldin
  • Im not sure why people gives these videos a thumbs down. I love the pillow in the first project but I am to lazy to make it, if you sell it on Etsy I will go and buy it. x

    Sandy83Sandy833 kun oldin
  • You’re so cute!

    Sophia KrishnanSophia Krishnan4 kun oldin
  • The light fixture is everything

    Elley BeeElley Bee4 kun oldin
  • omg you are AMAZING

    Lauren BrowningLauren Browning5 kun oldin
  • W

    Simmone FarrellSimmone Farrell6 kun oldin
  • Loved all of them my favourite was the light.

    Michelle RoyMichelle Roy6 kun oldin
  • This is absolutely amazing!🤩🤩🤩

    TrivicoTrivico7 kun oldin
    • Thank you so much!!

      Lone FoxLone Fox7 kun oldin
  • Nice!

    Maria CasMaria Cas8 kun oldin
  • Just thinking is the glue ok with the heat if the lightbulb

    Alexandra ShawAlexandra Shaw8 kun oldin
  • Thats not creativity thats just copying!

    Gareth PearceGareth Pearce8 kun oldin
  • I found Somebody else like rupaul I bet xx

    C GC G9 kun oldin
  • The Ladder ---------------- Black is not a colour I prefer to depressing . The mat _______ Sorry not for me The light ________ Not for me

    Cheryl BoothCheryl Booth9 kun oldin
  • All of these are so good! 😍

    Emma BaileyEmma Bailey10 kun oldin
  • Чудесно

    Техно ДомТехно Дом10 kun oldin
  • I don't usually do DIY projects because they don't turn out very well! I have trouble drawing stick figures, too. :) My talents lie in other areas. However, watching you make your projects inspires me to try some of the projects myself. Thank!

    elizabethdekalbelizabethdekalb10 kun oldin
  • Drew I need to know the color you used on your shelf behind you - what brand/color paint???

    Eva OrlopEva Orlop11 kun oldin
  • So creative! Love your projects!

    Regina Isaksson-FentonRegina Isaksson-Fenton11 kun oldin
  • You look amazing

    SynchronicitySynchronicity11 kun oldin
  • Babble babble!

    Maria SmithMaria Smith12 kun oldin
  • The rug looks amazing! I'm moving into my first house very soon and definitely want to create something cool like that for my living room area.

    Francesca Wellman // Gluten Free HorizonsFrancesca Wellman // Gluten Free Horizons13 kun oldin
  • first time watching and you BLEW my MIND !!!!!!. will be back for more , made the lamp using a bit bigger bowls and WOW.

    psc fosspsc foss13 kun oldin
  • I supped the second you opened your mouth. Never decided to like someone quite that fast. Your passion for diy and up beat attitude made my day. Thank you!

    Dominik HilbertDominik Hilbert13 kun oldin
    • Dominik Hilbert What is supped ? Not correct english

      Cheryl BoothCheryl Booth9 kun oldin
  • Love it 😍

    amazonalain racoloamazonalain racolo13 kun oldin
  • hes beautiful:)

    Kham WilliamsKham Williams13 kun oldin
  • Waiting to hack IKEA for nursery room 🙏🏻

    Love always WinsLove always Wins14 kun oldin
  • Man you're good!

    Shandra LeonShandra Leon14 kun oldin
  • Wow! Amazing!! I just wonder where did u get those mixing bowls?

    Hajeong LeeHajeong Lee15 kun oldin
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the lamp

    Candace LaneCandace Lane16 kun oldin
  • Looking for a great way to ikea hack the Pottery Barn Teen costa platform bed?

    Deborah PenneyDeborah Penney16 kun oldin
  • Freaking love your IKEA hacks videos

    Trevor MillerTrevor Miller16 kun oldin
  • You arw AWESOME!!! Just Subscribed...cant wait to get into all the hacks you have done!!!

    Annette BlockerAnnette Blocker16 kun oldin
  • Genius!

    Michaela SamkovaMichaela Samkova18 kun oldin
  • Che peccato non capire niente😟 sei bravissimo

    teresa latinoteresa latino20 kun oldin
  • I think the rug is adorable!!!

    reenouglereenougle20 kun oldin
  • Breath bro breath!! My anxieties peak listening to you and I have it slowed all way down

    Akio MaroonAkio Maroon21 kun oldin
  • Woow u r full with such great & creative ideas 👌

  • Great projects ! All of them are , I really love the pillow

    Lisa GoodridgeLisa Goodridge21 kun oldin
  • THIS WAS AMAZING!! I want to try them ALL ❤️

    Hope ReneeHope Renee22 kun oldin
  • Gotta say that lamp is pretty brilliant. 👍👊

    Kevin McGillivrayKevin McGillivray22 kun oldin
  • lots of cool hacks! wow!

    T CT C23 kun oldin
  • very cute pillow

    T CT C23 kun oldin
  • I watch all your videos on repeat! That 100 DIY was everything thanks for that.

    Juana PalmerJuana Palmer23 kun oldin
  • Congratulations Drew on 1 Mill Subs!!

    Juana PalmerJuana Palmer23 kun oldin
    • TY!!

      Lone FoxLone Fox23 kun oldin
  • Les idées sont bonnes 👍mais VOUS PARLEZ BEAUCOUP TROP 😳 la vidéo suffit, sans vous entendre ......

    Francine CalafioreFrancine Calafiore24 kun oldin
  • LOVE the pillow and rug😍

    Gina BradburyGina Bradbury24 kun oldin
  • Drew- OMG!!! LOVE the light fixture so much! Also the idea with the shelf side! The x-lacing is super cool. Here is another idea for shelf side: Make into a headboard and lace rope from bottom to top to have lacing vertical across headboard. If you try, let me know what you think about it:-). Could be super cute in a coastal theme bedroom, doncha think?! BTW- kudos on graphic and music choice in your videos. Makes it very easy to watch:-)

    Renee PrasilRenee Prasil24 kun oldin
  • ✅✅✅✅✅👍🏻👎👎👎👎👎👎

    chris papachris papa25 kun oldin
  • Amazing

    Biblios BibliosBiblios Biblios25 kun oldin
  • Never seen your channel before - loved every project. Hope you safely disposed of that masking tape? I have nightmare visions of wildlife all snarled up in it.

    D.ID.I25 kun oldin
  • Ur so inspiring and made lockdown soooo much fun. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Christine LennoxChristine Lennox25 kun oldin
  • I absolutely love the lighting. Reminds me of an Ipu and my little Hawaiian heart is happy.

    olivilotolivilot26 kun oldin
  • That throw blanket ladder!! The pillow sham!! That pendant lamp!! Love everything!!!

    Thelma Grace1930Thelma Grace193026 kun oldin
  • You are brilliant!

    Lucrecia GLucrecia G26 kun oldin
  • Absolutely love them all! ❤

    Rebecca CarterRebecca Carter27 kun oldin
  • Loved the jute painted rug!!!

    meg flat2meg flat227 kun oldin
  • these DIYs are soooo my style i might actually need to try these for once - i love that ladder with the macrame cord even though you changed plans!

    Bre LoRussoBre LoRusso28 kun oldin
  • DREW, THAT LIGHT!!! You've outdone yourself this video

    Tanzia EusufzaiTanzia Eusufzai28 kun oldin
  • Congrat Drew on the number.

    Cynthia SnyderCynthia Snyder28 kun oldin
  • Brilliant! Just Brilliant!!

    Ive NegronIve Negron28 kun oldin
  • You speak too fast. Hard to understand

    penteadosEvanise Do rociopenteadosEvanise Do rocio28 kun oldin
  • I love it !!

  • OMGOSH DREW!!!!! You are AMAZING!!! (I’ve told you that b4) All of these ideas are definitely on my TO DO list...and of course saved your video❤️ Thank you for sharing these AWESOME DIYs❤️😘cat xxx

    Cat SanchezCat Sanchez29 kun oldin
  • Cool. But, wait, that lamp is held only by hot glue?

    madelainemadelaine29 kun oldin
  • So doable ... AND high end !!! In love with all your projects and Want to say CONGRATS 👏 ON 1 MILLION!!!

    Yvonne LandandoYvonne Landando29 kun oldin
  • we

    DeAnnaShiresDeAnnaShiresOy oldin
  • If you put a tape before you drill the holes will be “cleaner” just a tip😁 otherwise amazing hacks❤️

    Paow EngverthPaow EngverthOy oldin
  • I've only just discovered you Drew and I am so glad. Very entertaining and full of creativity. Thank You: NOTE: Re the braided cushion I would personally prefer to sew the braid on, mainly for more security from family hands and the washing machine.

    Vera WroeVera WroeOy oldin
  • Wow !!! I absolutely love these hacks !! So glad I found your channel!!!

    Tara NoelTara NoelOy oldin
  • Love them all and will def be making all of them!

    What NowWhat NowOy oldin
  • LOVE the jute rug

    Loupa57Loupa57Oy oldin
  • Oh my gosh......... Oh my god? Obsolet ? Not enough" influencer" Style.....??? Without influencer we can no longer discocer anything for ourselves ? Unable ? Incapable in principle??

    Jeffrey DahmerJeffrey DahmerOy oldin
  • Can you tell me the 2 exact size bowls you use for the lamp? Thank you

    Nathalie BreaultNathalie BreaultOy oldin
  • Amazing

    Apartment Luxury LifestyleApartment Luxury LifestyleOy oldin
  • waaaav talk talk talk🤫🤫🤫

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  • GENIOUS !!!

    Céline CapdevilleCéline CapdevilleOy oldin
  • Hi Drew!! I came over from the Sorry Girls and am officially obsessed with your content! All of these ideas were amazing and so simple! I’ve had my eye on a tassel pillow from H&M Home but I love the idea of creating my own with whatever colour combination I’d like! 😍 Your style is definitely a look I’m interested in (colourful and chic but also comfortable and peaceful) so I’m basically going to watch all your videos now. Thank you so much for these beautiful DIYs!

    Worker Bee SupplyWorker Bee SupplyOy oldin
    • Thanks so much!! Yes- you can totally DIY your own easily with your preferred color combo :) hope you enjoy my videos!! Welcome to the Lone Fox fam!

      Lone FoxLone FoxOy oldin
  • Three of them are amazing !!!!

    Jussara ZanellatoJussara ZanellatoOy oldin
  • The glib ton prudently radiate because milkshake syntactically tickle per a hot huge school. teeny-tiny, awful driver

    toby sessiontoby sessionOy oldin
  • Loved the rug! And the lamp turned out super cute!

    Elena SendzeElena SendzeOy oldin
  • Brilliant 🤗

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  • AWESOME!!!

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    Averil FleurissaintAveril FleurissaintOy oldin
  • Absolutely gorgeous!!!

    Lady DeathstrykeLady DeathstrykeOy oldin
  • Thank you loved the rug ❤️

    Linda MishimagiLinda MishimagiOy oldin
  • Another great projects video :) thank you

    Nancy LucasNancy LucasOy oldin
  • New subbie and wow this is so cool.

    Tora GeirsTora GeirsOy oldin
  • love the rug

    Debra DelacruzDebra DelacruzOy oldin
  • 🙏👏👏👍🏼😍

    Ana ZaragozaAna ZaragozaOy oldin
  • Hi there! I just discovered you and I’m already hooked! Love all four diy projects and you explain and show all the steps so easily... good job! I did subscribe and rang that 🔔! 👍🏼😁

    Deborah BradyDeborah BradyOy oldin
  • so good

    S AjS AjOy oldin