DIY Small Office Makeover ON A BUDGET! (DIY Desk + Organization Ideas)

27-Dek, 2020
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  • Absolutely love this transformation 👏 Truly stunning 😍 the art work really got me, I didn't see that at all but Bam, what a statement. Your bedroom and now this space is seriously dreamy.

    Britzel 1Britzel 1Kun oldin
  • Beautiful space. Love it!!

    Liz SanabriaLiz Sanabria3 kun oldin
  • 19:40 before and after

    Imperio SpiceImperio Spice4 kun oldin
  • AYY you uploaded this vid right on my b day!

    Malibu LatteMalibu Latte5 kun oldin
  • You’re such a great UZworldr! I love your editing and the video content itself just wow!!!

    Zayda CortezZayda Cortez8 kun oldin
  • You are the only UZworldr whose sponsored content I don't FFWD through lol Your sponsors are so lucky to have you! You spend quality time on your sponsors' ads and make me actually want to spend money with them.

    JosetteJosette9 kun oldin

    Tina GilbertTina Gilbert10 kun oldin
  • The run was so hilarious

    Shantele StewartShantele Stewart14 kun oldin
  • amazed that you NEVER use a drop cloth while working.................LOL

    Madd ScientistMadd Scientist16 kun oldin
  • That's better

    Debreta EvansDebreta Evans18 kun oldin
  • the art work came out great :-)

    Hania KHania K18 kun oldin
  • again, why didn't you 1st paint the fron of the desk , the little strips and then glued them to the front? making it's more difficult for yourself? ;-)

    Hania KHania K18 kun oldin
  • Thanks for showing us your ostrich run. You made me laugh so hard. Also wanted you to know that I liked the dark color on top of the office space.

    Sandy SpellSandy Spell19 kun oldin
  • Wow 🤩

    Ariadna Quiroz BeltranAriadna Quiroz Beltran20 kun oldin
  • So obsessed 😍

    LaMonica J. MayLaMonica J. May20 kun oldin
  • Love it!!!

    Barbara CarboneBarbara Carbone20 kun oldin
  • Plz tell which software did you to edit your video. Plz tell 😇

    Chahat KapoorChahat Kapoor21 kun oldin
    • Thanks for answering my question ! A like from Indian

      Chahat KapoorChahat Kapoor19 kun oldin
    • Final cut pro!

      Lone FoxLone Fox20 kun oldin
  • nice hairstyle😂

    Molasses BlackberryMolasses Blackberry21 kun oldin
  • Amazing job

    gloria moviesgloria movies21 kun oldin
  • That chair 😭💘

    C HC H21 kun oldin
  • Loveee!!! Where is your chair from :)

    Slice of Heaven NYCSlice of Heaven NYC21 kun oldin
    • Thank you so much

      Slice of Heaven NYCSlice of Heaven NYC20 kun oldin
    • World Market

      Lone FoxLone Fox20 kun oldin
  • "I actually do not like" nOoOoO

    Pablo MiretPablo Miret21 kun oldin
  • 19:15 - 30.03.2021

    Doctor Choco PieDoctor Choco Pie22 kun oldin
  • Love your channel, love to do make overs by myself, but somtimes I think you do speak really rapidly......

    Julia MatellaJulia Matella22 kun oldin
  • the painting is dope kun oldin
  • ♥️♥️♥️ loved it!

    Bárbara Ferreira da CostaBárbara Ferreira da Costa22 kun oldin
  • The grouchy stitch angiographically drain because snail complementarily weigh per a numberless paste. limping, obscene red

    Jesse HeidgerkenJesse Heidgerken23 kun oldin
  • I gotta say, Walmart has stepped it's game up so much in the past 8 years or so. Watching this I realized the vast majority of items from my bedroom, living room, and home office makeovers were from Walmart and look great-down to the paint and everything

    Crystal SimsCrystal Sims23 kun oldin
    • yessss they offer so many amazing things!

      Lone FoxLone Fox23 kun oldin
  • fantastic!

    Pam McCallPam McCall23 kun oldin
  • Superb...this video, for some reason, was extremely therapeutic for me. Thanks for this transformation, love ur ideas❤️❤️

    Kanika KaurKanika Kaur24 kun oldin
  • Walmart really should do more sponsorships. Not everyone knows they can do this on a budget.

    Kom1ttoKom1tto24 kun oldin
  • You are soooo cool and humble ❤️

    J. PinkmanJ. Pinkman24 kun oldin
  • His "before" is my "after"😅

    Sanaa ChaouiSanaa Chaoui24 kun oldin
  • outstanding

    Kayinfso HereKayinfso Here25 kun oldin
  • I love that DIY art work! Please just scan that in so we can buy it from your store and print it out?? 😁🙏

    chantelle scruttonchantelle scrutton25 kun oldin
  • I love those plant hangers!

    Paula MorraPaula Morra25 kun oldin
  • hi! Where is the desk originally from? I'm on the hunt!

    anneanne25 kun oldin
  • Wow! Looks great.

    Lisa WhiteLisa White26 kun oldin
  • The ostrich walk made my day thank you 😄♥️

    BAMBINO BBAMBINO B26 kun oldin
  • Woooow te quedó espectacular, eres muy creativo me gustó mucho todo lo que creaste y el cuadro quedó muy chic, slds guapo ☺️

    Erika CazaresErika Cazares27 kun oldin
  • Hi Drew, beautiful little workspace. Can you make a DIY video to create Umbra Triflora Adjustable Hanging Planters? I know you got it from Walmart, but would be great to make one. If anyone can do it it's you! :)

    Shahana DavisShahana Davis27 kun oldin
  • Thank you for the ostrich demo 😂 Good laugh!

    Maude ChalifourMaude Chalifour27 kun oldin
  • You are very talented. Your small office looks great!

    Cher CassadyCher Cassady27 kun oldin
  • That blue would have looked great as a feature wall with that grey and white

    Chrystal CalabyChrystal Calaby27 kun oldin
  • can we have a full house tour

    Ella de Montbrun JohnsonElla de Montbrun Johnson27 kun oldin
  • you`re awesome I love your videos.

    Ella de Montbrun JohnsonElla de Montbrun Johnson27 kun oldin
  • Would have looked cool to keep the top half the dark color.... I think the 2 colors would have complemented each other beautifully. Looks great - cheers! :)

    Susan KramerSusan Kramer27 kun oldin
  • Great transformation.

    Ruth AndersonRuth Anderson28 kun oldin
  • So happy to find and support your channel! For a cheaper option to 6 coats of paint: Primer. Stops darker colour bleed through; saves time and money.

    farphegnugenfarphegnugen28 kun oldin
  • I have to ask you something, cause I live in Paris and spaces here are not very big. I have dared to put a very, very dark, smoked wood floor and I even opened the kitchen and living room and Still didn’t feel like having the space to have one blue wall (I really really wanted the Casamance Portfolio Alizarine marine, but I chickened out in the last minute and went with the beige one) I don’t regret it cause the blue would have had shrinked the space down. Anyway do you think that (outside of expensive cities) people are living in bigger and bigger space and that we now need to fill them with stuff and paint them in dark colours, so that they don’t look as huge and empty. Before we needed space to put our stuff, now we need stuff to fill up the space...

    Lucie CiepkaLucie Ciepka28 kun oldin
  • After 8 years research, I proved human being' s sleep method is wrong with bonafide evidence. I believe next industry revolution is furniture revolution and start from my bed. This is not kidding and I am no mental problem.

    Jian CaiJian Cai29 kun oldin
  • Ok but you didn't put the ostriches back on the shelf??

    Adrienne ErvinAdrienne Ervin29 kun oldin
  • Tell me you are using the bench for storage. Love the look.

    Margaret DysartMargaret DysartOy oldin
  • does Walmart deliver outside US?

    suhailah alsehilysuhailah alsehilyOy oldin
  • New to your channel and love it! Please do a tutorial on how to change a light fixture! Other UZworld videos are...old and difficult to understand :(

    Chantel MartinChantel MartinOy oldin
  • Drew! The navy blue was so beautiful, you should paint an arch above your desk in that blue color, it would look like there is a portal behind the desk

    Savanna SandhuSavanna SandhuOy oldin
  • When I started to watch this to get some working room inspo, I did NOT expect the ostridge run. I regret nothing.

    CollieChanCollieChanOy oldin
    • hahahaha :)

      Lone FoxLone FoxOy oldin
  • anyone else get blinded by the light?? lol love you drew!!❤️❤️❤️

    Laura MLaura MOy oldin
  • If you want to prevent streaks when painting walls. Put the roller in the middle of the wall and roll up to the top then to the floor in one stroke and over lap strokes. Then back roll softly into wet paint. Tips from a professional painter. Office looks amazing. Great job

    Kelly ThomasKelly ThomasOy oldin
  • Looks great! Glad you changed your mind about the colour.

    Jo-Anne OJo-Anne OOy oldin
  • THANK YOU for demonstrating running like an ostrich...didn't know i needed to see that 😂😂

    gogolaygogogolaygoOy oldin
  • I really love the final outcome! I'm obsessed with your artwork. I think I need to try and replicate that piece (with zero skills, ha!)

    te_tete_teOy oldin
  • Love the next Diy 🤩

    Yoli V. AguilarYoli V. AguilarOy oldin
  • I knew that navy wasn't gonna work

    arain764niaraarain764niaraOy oldin
  • You're hilarious xx

    Stella PhotisStella PhotisOy oldin
  • Chef’s kiss sir! Good eye! So pleasing...gonna share with me hubby who has a special place in his mind’s eye for a closet office.

    S FS FOy oldin
  • I was surprised u painted the entire space with that dark color. The light color looks awesome. Thx for sharing the diy redo. 😊

    Lynzey MarieLynzey MarieOy oldin
  • Drew - You did so much work! This was amazing to watch. :) I do have a question though - why does the top of your new office nook look darker than the bottom? Is that because of lighting or is it painted a different color? Keep up the fab work!

    Layla D. SmithLayla D. SmithOy oldin
  • 7:55 I was actually digging the white and birch and navy combo! Is that just me lol?!

    Peachy TinePeachy TineOy oldin
  • Your ideas are so creative?!!! And the way you realize them all yourself despite the trials (i.e that dark navy blue paint) is really sort of inspiring to future wannabe DIYers. Great video.

    Jes MiscellaneousJes MiscellaneousOy oldin
  • Boy talking about Walmart as if it’s a brand new establishment

    Alex VeselakAlex VeselakOy oldin
  • I love your background music in your videos. Could you include your playlists? You are a natural creator Lone Fox☀️

    Tutone Lyles NaranjoTutone Lyles NaranjoOy oldin
  • While I really like the look I fear it would drive me insane to have those little vertical wood pieces on the drawers. Wouldn't your sleeves get caught on these constantly when typing? Again, looks neat, but maybe a little impractical.

    GinSoakedGirlGinSoakedGirlOy oldin
  • I LOVED the results and the idea of the diy print! Inspired me to try to make one myself 😍

    Camila S.Camila S.Oy oldin
  • Loving this makeover! The colour you chose in the end is so nice and it really allows that natural light in. I have personally been struggling to find a new colour to repaint my livingroom and I think I just found it! Loved the ostrich running! 🤣

    Kim OsborneKim OsborneOy oldin
  • I absolutely love this channel. You are so endearing and talented. Keep it up! 🌈✨

    Victoria E. LeonVictoria E. LeonOy oldin
  • Amazing. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼♥️

    Diana CockerillDiana CockerillOy oldin
  • Okay I was not a subscriber to your channel until the ostrich, I swear to God you got me with that so glad I found you

    • @Lone Fox the mini office turned out great by the way I'm fixing to turn my garage at home into a usable space and I will definitely be using Kona for my furniture it's not only a great stain it's also a great coffee LOL

    • hahaha yay!

      Lone FoxLone FoxOy oldin
  • i love the ostrich run. Great workout.

    Nguyet HowardNguyet HowardOy oldin
  • Loved this.

    Ms.Nelda MartinezMs.Nelda MartinezOy oldin
  • The room is probably an inch smaller now:) 6 layers of paint...

    Barbara CranfordBarbara CranfordOy oldin
  • Love it!

    SaLeySaLeyOy oldin
  • The ostrich run is unbelievable!

    Plume De LuciePlume De LucieOy oldin
  • I've learned a lot from you. Thanks ❤

    Jackie WalkerJackie WalkerOy oldin
  • Omg, i ❤️🤍💗 it

    Teyshan MendozaTeyshan MendozaOy oldin
  • Sponsered by Walmart?!?!?!

    nikko boiinikko boiiOy oldin
  • I wish we had Walmart in 🇬🇧

    KitKitOy oldin
  • What's filming paper?

    A. NC.A. NC.Oy oldin
  • To brighten it up you could try lighting like led strips?

    Katherine PetersenKatherine PetersenOy oldin
  • Haha I love you beautiful

    lilipompom5lilipompom52 oy oldin
  • Walmart uses prison labor idk if you knew that... there clothes are also NOT ethically made.

    Lily ButikoferLily Butikofer2 oy oldin
  • I’m new to your channel and I have to say that I absolutely loved watching your bedroom makeover.

    Vic P71Vic P712 oy oldin
  • It’s soo beautiful 🤩

    Yadira CerrillosYadira Cerrillos2 oy oldin
  • I would have loved a little bench area next to the window to chill, and a rug under the desk maybe? Still feels a little empty But love love the makeover ♥️

    Keert MKeert M2 oy oldin
  • Where did you put the ostriches

    Jaeden SierraJaeden Sierra2 oy oldin
  • Great to see how mistakes can be revamped and set properly accordingly. Great work space luvvy.

    UKLeonieUKLeonie2 oy oldin
  • I don't think I've even commented on a video before... the ostrich made me do it. Love your content!

    Candice KingstonCandice Kingston2 oy oldin
  • So perf💙

    AliciaMichelinaSmithAliciaMichelinaSmith2 oy oldin
  • I LOVED the dark color!! But i agree that it got a little too much though:/

    Helene DahlsveenHelene Dahlsveen2 oy oldin
  • Beautiful!

    Melissa GMelissa G2 oy oldin