DIY Your Own Custom Rug!! ✨ Tufting Gun Tips + Tutorial for Beginners!

7-Mar, 2021
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I tried rug tufting for the first time ever! I made these 2 rugs and I’m honestly so impressed with how they turned out! Which one is your favorite?
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  • Genius idea for the frame! Throughly impressed with your rugs. I just got my gun and super excited to use it more than ever now!

    Leo TimmaysLeo TimmaysSoat oldin
  • I l ove the rug making project. I'd love to see you take on a 9x12 wool rug with abstract design (yes, ulterior motive here) You're a very good teacher but I wonder if you might consider speaking more slowly as you're giving your instructions? Thanks. Great job!

    Marcia WeissMarcia WeissKun oldin
  • Omg pls make a larger rug!

    Kristina KitanaKristina Kitana4 kun oldin
  • Omg, Drew, you are adorable!! When you were starting the cute!! You are entertaining and talented and it's perfect!! I'm obsessed with you being obsessed with something!! Seriously. And yes, that egg looks awesome! Thank you for all your time. And yes, would love to see you do more tufting! You are a blast! :)

    Terri ShahanTerri Shahan5 kun oldin
  • Yes I would love to see on larger scale. And also if you can use this for other type projects.

    PatchesPatches7 kun oldin
  • I love that you know ur audience and cater to them. If ur gonna do a sponsorship that’s the way to do it!!

    Danielle MappDanielle Mapp10 kun oldin
  • Love the egg

    lineupgirllineupgirl10 kun oldin
  • Tie off ends!

    Susan C BaxterSusan C Baxter11 kun oldin
  • Edge finishing is important. Plus backing!

    Susan C BaxterSusan C Baxter11 kun oldin
  • soooo cute! but i could never do this, nuh uh... not in my house with 4 dogs LMAO

    Ruby WalkerRuby Walker17 kun oldin
  • Ah such a minimalistic life i wish i had that..

    Floppy ツFloppy ツ17 kun oldin
  • How many ounce burlap is it?

    VR_GAMESVR_GAMES17 kun oldin
  • AJ Makes is so good! Love her channel!

    Melissa InsuaMelissa Insua17 kun oldin
  • Hey Drew, the handle on the gun should swivel so your hand position doesn't change when you're doing outlines. You don't have to move the whole gun, just the top part and the handle swivels so you keep your hand in the same position

    Secret AltruismSecret Altruism17 kun oldin

    Syahadah RidzuanSyahadah Ridzuan19 kun oldin
  • How are machine-made rugs like $60+ then. This is revolutionary

    Natalie RuggNatalie Rugg19 kun oldin
  • I absolutely loved this video! I admire your enthusiasm for jumping into a craft you’ve never made before. You are inspiring me to become a rug tufter!! Please make another video with you next rug project ☺️

    Kate MillerKate Miller21 kun oldin
    • Thanks Kate! Yes- deff going to make another rug :)

      Lone FoxLone Fox20 kun oldin
  • How loud is the gun?

    Jarae ThurmondJarae Thurmond21 kun oldin
    • It's not super loud!

      Lone FoxLone Fox20 kun oldin
  • Listen... your tattoos.... amazing

    Jarae ThurmondJarae Thurmond21 kun oldin
  • I love this! Please do a bigger project! Yes! Plus, can you do another of this project, but without the machine? You're the first one introduce me to this, you excite me and I definitely want to do this as well!!!

    Iffah RidzaIffah Ridza24 kun oldin
  • love this video! so inspiring and enjoyable 👀♡

    JudithJudith26 kun oldin
  • Dreeew you are soooooo talented..

    Unicorn YennaUnicorn Yenna26 kun oldin
  • How is it on your wrist?

    Diane JarbathDiane Jarbath26 kun oldin
  • "Oh my god, it looks like a rug! It looks like a frickin rug!"

    JenJen26 kun oldin
  • Omg thank you for making me obsessed with a tool I’ll probably never have 🤣 but I still love it

    Karla Isabel B.Karla Isabel B.26 kun oldin
  • I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ it 😂

    nathalie boonstranathalie boonstra27 kun oldin
  • Ok, wait a minute, I bought the ritual vitamins and I don’t know if I got the wrong ones or what but I couldn’t take them anymore because they had the WORST fishy taste ever!

    Jocelyn WolfJocelyn Wolf27 kun oldin
  • Could you please do a video on how to make a laundry room look good? Mine is so blah and I want it to look just as awesome as the rest of my house but still very functional

    Macey HMacey H27 kun oldin
  • Lol “I’m so in love with this little egg rug”. I got a good chuckle. It looks awesome!

    Giselia PereiraGiselia Pereira27 kun oldin
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    Ariful IslamAriful Islam27 kun oldin
  • It was weirdly comforting to see the hot glue be a little annoying for you hahaha I feel like DIYers never complain about hot glue 😂

    Along with Alana 💕Along with Alana 💕28 kun oldin
  • Really nice

    Maryann KariukiMaryann Kariuki28 kun oldin
  • Omg-Drew- you crack me up!! I love it!! You react EXACTLY like I do when I try something new and Im uber excited about!! That egg rug is so stinkin cute!! Would look amazing in your kitchen!! :)

    ReInvented Home TXReInvented Home TX28 kun oldin
  • I like that your going to do a huge rug, I will wait for that. So Excited !!!! what will be the result

    Senilyn PerkinsSenilyn Perkins28 kun oldin
  • I loved this!!! Please do another one 🥰😍

    Kenna ScovellKenna Scovell29 kun oldin
  • Drew please do more!! I’m so excited and want to try now!!!

    2258fran2258fran29 kun oldin
  • That Tiffany blue, tho!!

    CynLouWhoCynLouWhoOy oldin
  • Omg you are so cute and so informative it’s refreshing thank you so much for this content love you I am subscribing for sure!

    Haley AndersonHaley AndersonOy oldin
    • Welcome to the Lone Fox fam!!

      Lone FoxLone FoxOy oldin
  • I loved the rug making video. My husband has his own business making tools for vintage Rolls-Royce cars. Now I'm thinking of doing one wither with his business logo or an RR one.

    Cyndi OpfarCyndi OpfarOy oldin
    • You totally should!!

      Lone FoxLone FoxOy oldin
  • I friggin LOVE THIS!!! Talk about immediate gratification! So fast and so fun!!!!

    Heidi L.Heidi L.Oy oldin
  • I would love to see you do a bigger, more intricate one. Those are very cute though. It makes me want to try it myself

    Julie johnsonJulie johnsonOy oldin
  • I want to see another tufting video.

    essence tuckeressence tuckerOy oldin
  • Ok this is a good channel you make me laugh and smile thank you

    Andrew WilsonAndrew WilsonOy oldin
    • Ok after watching this whole video I have decided on payday im getting one single dad 6 kids were going to make custom rugs to give the kids some awesome decor to match their personality 😎 thank you again for your enthusiasm and entertaining video.

      Andrew WilsonAndrew WilsonOy oldin
  • Definately want to see a huge rug.

    Hello WorldHello WorldOy oldin
  • This looks so fun! And I love your egg rug! We had a machine at uni but never got shown how to use it, I wish I'd had a go now

    Becky OrmerodBecky OrmerodOy oldin
  • Dooo eeeet!!!

    Jill HendersonJill HendersonOy oldin
  • YRD!! A large scale rug would be nice to see!

    Elizabeth Pitsor-HalcrowElizabeth Pitsor-HalcrowOy oldin
  • anyone know what size the joann's canvas is?

    A S.A S.Oy oldin
  • Thanks for the video!! You can actually build your own frame, they have the wooden pieces at Michael’s. Sooo much cheaper than buying a canvas! And customizable! Can’t wait to try this out! Xx

    Alexandra ChesherAlexandra ChesherOy oldin
  • Yes give us more intricate designs with beter tools and become a master of rug tufting. Stumbled across your channel and had to subscribe

    Bethany Ewers FelixBethany Ewers FelixOy oldin
  • This is the first time I have seen this I am so impressed thanks so much for sharing xx

    Catherine CurrieCatherine CurrieOy oldin
    • Glad you enjoyed it Catherine :)

      Lone FoxLone FoxOy oldin
  • Would love a full size rug tutorial...this looks so funny and quite easy!!xx

    Sophie PatersonSophie PatersonOy oldin
  • Yesss! I love it!!! I would like to see a large scale rug!!!

    Jooles JJooles JOy oldin
  • Fun fact: DIY means Do It Your Way

    The Island MakersThe Island MakersOy oldin
  • Are theyyy durable??? Or very sensitive to touch?

    Kristine TagnipezKristine TagnipezOy oldin
  • For people who are actually interested what does the pricing look like? Atleast for the gun?

    Lexi NewmeyerLexi NewmeyerOy oldin
    • The gun was around $300!

      Lone FoxLone FoxOy oldin
  • Omg!! Are you sure you’ve never done this before? The egg is so cute and you did an awesome job!! 😍😍

    Marlo SMarlo SOy oldin
  • Not me looking on eBay for a tufting gun!

    theshel0000theshel0000Oy oldin
    • hahah that's where I got mine!!

      Lone FoxLone FoxOy oldin
  • Yes please do larger project.! Your rugs turned out very well.

    Susan B.Susan B.Oy oldin
  • People from 300 years ago would hate us for being able to make a rug in an hour, when they needed years of experience and weeks of work for 1 rug. This was sooooo beyond enjoyable to watch!!!!!!

    Randi KRandi KOy oldin
  • Me thinking I’ll start making rugs then cries in $300 tufting gun

    AlyssaAlyssaOy oldin
  • Not your intro being total vibes 😩💕

    sesevalsesevalOy oldin
  • Just beautiful Drew!

    Audrey CarusoAudrey CarusoOy oldin
  • Definitely please do a large rug! The ones you did came out great!

    carableucarableuOy oldin
  • That egg rug is adorable! 🤍💛🥚 💛🤍

    carableucarableuOy oldin
  • Would love to more rugs they look so great you did make it look easy

    Denise KilDenise KilOy oldin
  • Larger scale! Larger scale!!

    KJ KonkinKJ KonkinOy oldin
  • Great job Drew. Would love to see some more

    janie foglejanie fogleOy oldin
  • Yes more rug stuff!!!!

    Michelle CutlerMichelle CutlerOy oldin
  • I am CONSTANTLY impressed by you. You have inspired my new life motto, “with the right tools, I can do anything!”

    Michele LeMichele LeOy oldin
  • PLEASE DO MORE RUG VIDEOS! Yours came out so cute and I would love to see larger scale pieces!

    Bianca JinglesBianca JinglesOy oldin
  • I fell in love with your bed sheets, where are they from?????

    MaríaMaríaOy oldin
  • And YES I would love to see you make a larger rug that you could use for your bedroom or livingroom!

    Rachel BrownRachel BrownOy oldin
  • I love this!!

    Rachel BrownRachel BrownOy oldin
  • I guess instead of making a huge frame, it would also be possible to join two rugs to make a larger one?

    DBDBOy oldin
  • Will it be possible to wash these? Sooooo cool!!

    DBDBOy oldin
  • Would it be possible to make an outdoor rug this way, I wonder... What type of yarn might work? They're generally made of plastic so maybe not!

    DBDBOy oldin
  • Wow amazing I'll try in future

    Teena SagarTeena SagarOy oldin
  • Loved this video!

    steves Bouviersteves BouvierOy oldin
  • Класс.Я себе тоже хочу такую машинку,подаришь?👍

    Наталья МакаренкоНаталья МакаренкоOy oldin
  • Yes please, another rug tufting video with a big project would be so fun!🥰 I loved watching you do this haha, you make me feel like I can make anything I want

    Aimee CAimee COy oldin
  • You can also get rug yarn - it has no stretch and is rougher in texture than knitting yarns - more durable.

    vita .2020vita .2020Oy oldin
  • Repent , the kingdom of God is at hand , read your bible for yourself, and pray , there is nothing our there in the world ,as God to guide and protect you ,if you have any question please ask me.

    tinaj sewstinaj sewsOy oldin
  • I loved this video so much! The process was very cool to watch. Especially seeing both sides of the rug as you made it. I would love to see more rug making videos!!!

    Kaitlynn HollowellKaitlynn HollowellOy oldin
  • Drew, do yourself a favor. Never take Google symptoms seriously. 95% of the time they say you have cancer hahahahaha. I was allergic to Colgate toothpaste but Google had me with throat cancer.

    Janal StanzaJanal StanzaOy oldin
  • Love this, need a part 2

    Meadbh StynesMeadbh StynesOy oldin
  • great work you are a natural with it

    Flavor WorldFlavor WorldOy oldin
  • Rugs look great!! Yes, please show more rug making. I would be interested in seeing a loop rug.... & large scale rug also

    Sonja SisungSonja SisungOy oldin
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    Sasha AnastasiaSasha AnastasiaOy oldin
  • I would love to know how much one spends on such a thing for the first time. I would love to try but am kinda scared its super expensive to just try..

    Kati de JongKati de JongOy oldin
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    Laura BrownLaura BrownOy oldin
  • I used to do this by hand with a latch hook

    KRōckKRōckOy oldin
  • The egg is AMAZING!!!!

    Emilie WilkinsonEmilie WilkinsonOy oldin
  • This is a random comment: Ritual is seriously the BEST multi ever. I bought them when they launched because of the marketing and branding but for real, they've changed my body and life. USE HIS CODE! so worth it. lol

    Alexandra TraceyAlexandra TraceyOy oldin
  • This looks like so much fun!

    Patricia JacksonPatricia JacksonOy oldin
  • I love watching and learning from you! BTW it's pronounced "skeen" as if it was written with two "e"s...thanks for the cool tips!

    Tammy KinardTammy KinardOy oldin
  • Yes, PLEASE do a larger scale project! Would really appreciate it!!! 💖💕💖

    Murrie CurlMurrie CurlOy oldin
  • I love it. I was as scared as you when you first fired up that baby! They turned out awesome and I would like to see you try something bigger with a design. Also I would like to see you do an epoxy cutting are so creative and I think you would make a great video about it.

    Dannette KeyDannette KeyOy oldin
  • Please do a large rug

    Tami HillTami HillOy oldin

    OnlyCommentTheTruthOnlyCommentTheTruthOy oldin