SMALL ENTRYWAY MAKEOVER + DIY Statement Tile & Stair Runner!

20-Dek, 2020
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Excited to be sharing with you my entryway makeover! Before the makeover, when you first enter my apartment you are greeted by a dark, long and not very cute entryway/staircase. I spent a few days working on the space and with some TLC and a few easy DIYs… it’s truly one of my new favorite spots!
Paint color: Valspar Tricorn Black
+ IKEA rugs-
+ Peel & stick tile-
+ Wall hooks-
+ Mirror-
+ Frame 1-
+ Frame 2-
+ Frame 3-
+ Jug vase (similar)-
+ Petal dish (similar)-
+ Modern Art Print “Les Couleures”-
+ Hazy Beach Print-
+ Mid Century Print-
+ Minimal Lines Print-
+ French Poem Print-
+ Jean Cocteau Print-
+ Black and white line Print-
+ Vintage Clouds Print-
+ Vintage Landscape Print-
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Thanks so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed. Leave any future video ideas you would like to see in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe!

  • Fantastic job, so crisp so fresh. Love the art work with the frames and the colors. Just a suggestion, if you Scoth Guard the steps (only to save money) it will absolutely allow those rugs to hold up against any traffic you might have and make it a total cinch to clean.

    Britzel 1Britzel 1Kun oldin
  • Would love yo have you makeover my home! Amazing!!!

    Sandy SamuelmanSandy Samuelman3 kun oldin
  • Great improvement. Check out kinwoven' s site. Rebecca's daughter posted ten affordable Target items. The last one was a console slimline. Better fit. Cheap. Larger mirror. Follow the windows architecture. Need that light. In U.K. they use metal rods to hold the carpet on the risers.

    Gwen WadeGwen Wade6 kun oldin
  • Peel and stick are fantastic but not black and white i understand what you are aiming for it matches the door etc .. no stair runner either it looks over done. To much going on with the gallery wall.

    Cheryl BoothCheryl Booth8 kun oldin
  • Such attention to detail: I absolutely love how you painted the staples!

    LiLi VicenteLiLi Vicente8 kun oldin
  • 😍 love it! I've never changed up a rental before... will you have to repaint it before you move? Will the floor tiles come up okay? I'm glad I found this video! I'm moving to a new place with an indoor staircase too! This is so inspirational! 🌟

    Tina GilbertTina Gilbert10 kun oldin
  • Why didn't you colour the entire door 😣

    Sudarsona DasSudarsona Das12 kun oldin
  • Your landlord thank you it Beautiful

    Daisy ButlerDaisy Butler13 kun oldin
  • personally those stripes & being white really doen't work well for a stair runner ....there is a reason why professionals use the bar & eye stew holders on stair carpets. Lace cafe curtin/ black rod &brass ring clips on just the bottom half of the window would look great

    Madd ScientistMadd Scientist15 kun oldin
  • everything looks great except the mat ...

    nola wilsonnola wilson19 kun oldin
  • looks really tacky ...

    nola wilsonnola wilson19 kun oldin
  • how are you going to keep a white rug clean ...stupid

    nola wilsonnola wilson19 kun oldin
  • When will you be buying your own beautiful home ? That moment will be so awesome ! Hope it happens soon !!

    Victoria OrellanaVictoria Orellana19 kun oldin
  • What's your decor style called ? . That's what I like, BUT I see people call styles different names ! The stairs look so fancy so like a rich fancy home !

    Victoria OrellanaVictoria Orellana19 kun oldin
  • I’m new to your channel so idk if u already did this or if u already moved but I love ur work and I think it would be cool to do a video with ur landlord to see how he reacts to the apartment upgrade

    Janeal MyrieJaneal Myrie20 kun oldin
  • The ready spy understandably scribble because wasp topologically undress beyond a spotty lyocell. second-hand, new plough

    Joyce AudreyJoyce Audrey20 kun oldin
  • I love, love, love your ideas

    Flute Player VictoriaFlute Player Victoria20 kun oldin
  • I’m surprised that your landlord is OK with all the changes you are making even it does make it look so much better!

    PM MMPM MM20 kun oldin
  • You should NEVER have stair carpet with a horizontal stripe as it becomes very difficult to differentiate each step, so it is easy to miss your footing and fall, many interior accidents due to this. If you have a stripe make it vertical.

    Magical UmbrellaMagical Umbrella21 kun oldin
  • Love it. I personally would have painted the door red to match the outside of it and not put that cabinet in the front entrance as it took up a little more space in such a small area but it all came out so beautiful. This guy knows his stuff.

    Sandra MaloneSandra Malone21 kun oldin
  • Love love love. Drew is so talented!!!!

    aliceandolliealiceandollie21 kun oldin
  • Drew!!! You are my spirit guide.

    Janice DuhanJanice Duhan21 kun oldin
  • You really brought it to life. Looks great.

    Barbara CarboneBarbara Carbone22 kun oldin
  • Wait are those tiles easy to remove? I bought them and then on the box I feel like I remember them saying you cant remove them or if you do they leave a residue?

    CheerUp2CheerUp222 kun oldin
  • What about stair dowels? Or could the staples be painted white? Hmm... oh it does look wonderful by the way!!

    monstermunchmonstermunch22 kun oldin
  • Love it

    Catherine missCatherine miss23 kun oldin
  • Hi. Since I am a filipino born and raised, i believed that it is bad luck if you put a mirror in front of your door. It is known that if you put a mirror infront of your door, it will be an entryway of other imaginary creatures like ghost, etc. Just sharing. Hahaha

    Janelle Eve SacilJanelle Eve Sacil23 kun oldin
  • Beautiful work!

    Kim RobertsKim Roberts24 kun oldin
  • This looks great! Thank you for sharing. I was thinking maybe stapling the next rug under the previous one so that you don’t see it?

    Michele ScottMichele Scott25 kun oldin
  • So good

    Colleen NovemberColleen November25 kun oldin
  • Just subscribed to your channel. Love the content and all the energy you have. The enthusiasm you bring to your projects is inspiring. I must say I love, love, love the entryway transformation! You took a boring hum drum space and gave it great personality and flair! So looking forward to what you do next.

    maryann Dmaryann D26 kun oldin
  • Love, love, love it!! I really like black & white so I think the floor and stair runner are fab.

    Vicki NoeskeVicki Noeske27 kun oldin
  • Great job, looks fantastic!

    Lynn BittnerLynn Bittner28 kun oldin
  • I love everything about this one. Wish you could fly out to Maryland and give me a hand. You are so talented!

    LLCLLC29 kun oldin
  • I see that jug with the frills plant in the bedroom... Soo.. which room it actually belongs to?

    Arman AdhiranggaArman Adhirangga29 kun oldin
  • I LOVE watching this channel because it helps me do this in my own house! I am only 13 but my room looks very aesthetically pleasing because of how much I watch Lone Fox. Ok, now I kinda wanna be an interior designer when I grow up!

    Kaitlin McdonoughKaitlin McdonoughOy oldin
  • This is legitimately gorgeous!

    Elinor HowardElinor HowardOy oldin
  • Dulls-ville to P I Z A A Z !!

    beeARTbeeARTOy oldin
  • Love it💣

    God's Creation !!God's Creation !!Oy oldin
  • I love the reference to Desirless song "Voyage Voyage" childhood memory 😉

    Emi BellissimaEmi BellissimaOy oldin
  • I will definitely check out simply safe.

    Apartment Luxury LifestyleApartment Luxury LifestyleOy oldin
  • I 💕 you! I just found your channel. Absolutely phenomenal makeover.

    Apartment Luxury LifestyleApartment Luxury LifestyleOy oldin
    • Thank you so much!!

      Lone FoxLone FoxOy oldin
  • I think this is your best work yet and I’ve been watching for awhile. This looks fantastic !

    Dolly DogDolly DogOy oldin
  • WOW!!!!!!!!!! You definitely nailed it!!!!! It looks so amazing Drew. Ok so you definitely have an eye for this kind of stuff. I guess one day I will see your name on some big art show or having your own show of DIYing Your definitely headed in the right direction. Oh wait, I just thought of a cool name for your show, wait for it “Lone Fox DRAB TO FAB”

    Christine DauzatChristine DauzatOy oldin
  • Wow! Just Wow! I always look forward to your videos!!!

    Kim HurstKim HurstOy oldin
  • It looks amazing❤️😍

    darya225darya225Oy oldin
  • I am falling in love with your work... Amazing. Recently came across your channel.

    arhamsidarhamsidOy oldin
  • I love your design style and have been watching all of your videos. Its making me want to restyle my whole house. I found you from watching xo, MaCenna videos and you and her have been my go to watch for design inspiration!

    paula strawserpaula strawserOy oldin
  • Did you repaint the walls?? It looks super!! I have a similar entryway to my home and I may be working all of these ideas into my entryway too. Thank you!!

    CowboyBike06CowboyBike06Oy oldin
  • Hey again😀 Love it. 💁‍♀️

    Tutone Lyles NaranjoTutone Lyles NaranjoOy oldin
  • HGTV should give you your own show!! You are amazing!!

    Texas BellaTexas BellaOy oldin
  • You are super talented love watching you.

    Ajla AjlaAjla AjlaOy oldin
  • I really want to paint my stair handrail would I need to sand it down or prime it beforehand ?! what paint did you use it looks beautiful this is literally my dream entrance way😍😍😍😍

    Sophie AliceSophie AliceOy oldin
  • Paint the staples white..

    Maria Ayala de DiazMaria Ayala de DiazOy oldin
  • Really beautiful place

    Dr. JonesDr. JonesOy oldin
  • I love the positive energy of your video. You have increased the value of the property. I hope your landlord appreciates you. It's absolutely gorgeous. I subbed. Thanks so much for sharing such inspiration and transformation and beauty

    Debbie ScollickDebbie ScollickOy oldin
  • Could u have maybe stapled into the black lines to make less visible? This project came out beautifully

    Marsha AbneyMarsha AbneyOy oldin
  • Hi Drew, my peel and stick tiles got very slippery. Any tips how to clean and make it non slippery?

    LianaLeah PortiaLianaLeah PortiaOy oldin
  • love the use of black and white- while watching the vid I was all ~paint the bannister, Drew~. I would see if you could get real plants to grow infront of the window and maybe add a cute little valence. I do think the piece of funriture would look better a bit more narrow. You showed that you can add a lot of style and personality to a small space- thanks for sharing !!!

    RaxxRaxxOy oldin
  • You are SO CREATIVE omg

    Jannine BattisJannine BattisOy oldin
  • Amazing

    in the vortex 2021in the vortex 2021Oy oldin
  • Love it! You have that Je ne sais quoi! It turned out stunning! 🖤

    tangerinefusion1tangerinefusion1Oy oldin
  • I always make a really unattractive snort of pleasure when anticipating the tape peel-off... So criiiiissssp! Gorgeous makeover, loved it 🖤🤍

    Berni FreitagBerni FreitagOy oldin
  • OMG! You did an amazing job on that entryway! You are very talented. I just found your channel and will definitely subscribe.

    sugarstone233sugarstone233Oy oldin
  • Solo mereces un 👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😘😘. Eres un GRAN ARTISTA.

    Emilia MassotEmilia MassotOy oldin
  • I love it! I wonder if the stair treds were black if it would pop even more!! I just got the same floor tiles for my basement bathroom!!

    A HamiltonA HamiltonOy oldin
  • Incredible looks so much brighter. Love love love....

    carol gilreathcarol gilreathOy oldin
  • you have great energy

    Jake AaronJake AaronOy oldin
  • honestly whoever Drew's neighbour is really hit the jackpot

    KateKateOy oldin
  • Hi lovely from the UK. You really made an amazing transition. well done. It looks fabulous💚

    pennystarshinepennystarshineOy oldin
  • I would paint the top of the stairs in black and after put the carpet

    Neusa SequeiraNeusa SequeiraOy oldin
  • Drew I enjoy ur decor as much as I enjoy ur voice

    Ali AAli AOy oldin
  • Nicely done, my friend! I have a very similar conundrum with my entryway. Almost like yours, just with a landing!!!! You gave me what I needed to tackle it this summer!

    AD CleAD CleOy oldin
  • wow it's good that his landlord allows tenants to paint and drill holes into the walls.usually I hear landlords don't like it when tenants do that

    missysfxmissysfxOy oldin
  • Wow, amazing thank you so much for this. The entry way is exactly the same size as mine given me inspiration love you xxxx from Suffolk uk 🐈💐

    Reatreat SeclusionReatreat SeclusionOy oldin
  • Incredible

    Nancy ByrnesNancy ByrnesOy oldin
  • Excellent job. Love the final results

    VanyBelle OfficialVanyBelle OfficialOy oldin
  • You could get dowels and stain them the color of the wood and tack them down on either side at the back of the stair to hold carpet in place. Looks great!

    Georgann AGeorgann AOy oldin
  • What a transformation! Bravo 👏🏼

    Leilani HighamLeilani HighamOy oldin
  • It is amazing how the addition of black makes the space look larger

    Mrs. McNamaraMrs. McNamaraOy oldin
  • loved this so much!!!

    salma bernalsalma bernalOy oldin
  • Use cotton fabric and liquid starch on the stairs. I have done this method to mine

    j cj cOy oldin
  • But the tiles say permanent adhesive!! Will you be able to get them up without a sticky residue?? I would LOVE to do the tiles but I'm nervous

    Caroline UCaroline UOy oldin
  • Your amazing, love your videos, giving me great inspo vibes.... Thankyou 😊

    Maria IsherwoodMaria IsherwoodOy oldin
  • Do you guys know if i can Paint non-wooden window frames? I guess Mine are from Something plastic-ish

    Sa LaSa LaOy oldin
  • I love your voice Drew‼‼

    Simply B.Simply B.Oy oldin
  • Woooo!!! Y súper woooo!!! 👍🏽👍🏽

    Adelina PinaAdelina PinaOy oldin
  • I'm just binge watching here. Love his idea of a little spruce up.

    Michelle AljunaidiMichelle AljunaidiOy oldin
  • Aesthetics should never come before safety, staples and tape to hold stair carpet???? When it comes loose someone could break their neck!

    Rachel NewportRachel NewportOy oldin
  • WOW!!!!!!!!!

    tj frenchtj frenchOy oldin
  • Looks amazing!

    Damaris Narvaez-OrtizDamaris Narvaez-OrtizOy oldin
  • Amazing makeover, congratulations 🥳

    Sandy Tyrrell-WrightSandy Tyrrell-WrightOy oldin
    • Thank you!! 😊

      Lone FoxLone FoxOy oldin
  • I have the rugs in Spain, but found they got dirty so quickly! How did you find them? I love this idea, I plan to rip off my stair carpet in my London apartment, & I maybe able to use the carpet grippers that will be in place! I have also sent an enquiry to Simplisafe, thank you for that tip too!

    Sandy Tyrrell-WrightSandy Tyrrell-WrightOy oldin
  • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️

    Joss HavidJoss HavidOy oldin
  • So hoping you were going to paint the banister rail black.

    Debra EllisonDebra EllisonOy oldin
  • 7:15 james charles

    Megan MitchellMegan MitchellOy oldin
  • I love this makeover, you are incredible

    Katy GillisKaty GillisOy oldin
  • I can’t believe I just found you 😍🥰. I’m in love with your channel. Thank God for UZworld recommendations.

    Tiff4Tiff4Oy oldin
  • I'm not sure those rugs are going to stay white for long.

    Rebecca CampbellRebecca CampbellOy oldin
  • Love the mixture of black n gold frames! 👍