SURPRISE BEDROOM MAKEOVER for my Brother! *From Start to Finish*

24-Noy, 2020
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*Prior to this makeover my entire family was tested and I also got tested prior to visiting to ensure we were all safe. All COVID precautions were followed in the making of this video.
Super excited for today’s video! I drove home to Arizona to redo my brother’s room while he was away for the weekend. When it came to the design and vibe, he wanted a more masculine style bedroom. I was able to totally transform the space with some paint, new furniture and some fun accessories! How do you think it turned out? Comment below!
+ Paint colors:
-Environ Green by Sherwin Williams
+ Bed frame-
+ Curtains-
+ Mattress-
+ Cube shelf-
+ IKEA desk-
+ IKEA storage unit-
+ Curtain rod-
+ Ceiling fan-
+ Curtain rings-
+ Side tables-
+ Chair-
+ Rug (similar)-
+ Lamp-
+ Ceramic knobs-
+ Lumbar pillow-
+ Basket-
+ Mirror-
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Thanks so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed. Leave any future video ideas you would like to see in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe!

  • So fun to see you help your family. Your parents are great. Your little bro looks a lot like you.v You did an amazing job!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

    Girl SUNDAYGirl SUNDAY4 soat oldin
  • Your mother is Beautiful

    Denise KDenise K10 soat oldin
  • Great make over!

    LucieLucie3 kun oldin
  • Everything you touch turns to gold. It’s nice to see your beautiful family.

  • Is that Gnome Chompski? That's the only thing I can think of as to why your brother would have a garden gnome in his room as a gamer xD

    Keiome NikkeKeiome Nikke4 kun oldin
  • The green is marvelous for a hot summer room. The arches are fantastic. I love your work. I was so impressed with tue three-blade fan and the cable sling under the computer desk.

    Janet ShafferJanet Shaffer5 kun oldin
  • I love you so much! Youre just a wonderful person!! And this inspo for more "masculine" rooms is very helpful for my boyfriend, thanks a lot! xxx

    Kim SybenKim Syben5 kun oldin
  • The Red Bull fridge! Noooo.

    Iris AguilarIris Aguilar6 kun oldin
  • I would have painted the walls a nice bone shade then added other tones into match the walls eg Doona cover a little darker in shade and curtains etc

    Cheryl BoothCheryl Booth8 kun oldin
  • Love the paint colour.

    Sophia KrishnanSophia Krishnan9 kun oldin
  • The doggies really make the whole room complete lol LOVE IT DREW!!

    Rosie YangRosie Yang10 kun oldin
  • Computer tower?

    Priyanka RamaniPriyanka Ramani10 kun oldin
  • Green seemed to be his favourite colour whatever he does.

    Clover MarkClover Mark10 kun oldin
  • @Lonefox I really like the way your aesthetic is flexible and easy on the eyes! Do you have any videos on small patio decor ideas?

    Mary SchmaussMary Schmauss10 kun oldin
    • @Lone Fox thanks 🤩

      Mary SchmaussMary Schmauss9 kun oldin
    • I do! You can check out this video here:

      Lone FoxLone Fox9 kun oldin
  • i love that you can now appreciate how gorgeous those windows are. Before they were so hidden you couldn't see how beautiful they were.

    April BrownApril Brown11 kun oldin
  • Looks amazing! Love that paint color, really makes everything pop!

    Erin KarelsErin Karels11 kun oldin
  • Great job 👏 👍

    Diana EscobarDiana Escobar11 kun oldin
  • Such a sweet family you have❤️ love how you upgraded your brothers room

    Sanne De vinSanne De vin12 kun oldin
  • I love your bullies! Thanks for the intro to fam!

    Sara ZimmermanSara Zimmerman12 kun oldin
  • You're such a great brother. You did real good.

    cameron ashtoncameron ashton13 kun oldin
  • Hi mom and bad she look like your sister

    Daisy ButlerDaisy Butler13 kun oldin
  • You and your mom's eyes are so stunning. It's hard to pay attention to what you guys are saying. The green walls match.

    Kindle AlexanderKindle Alexander13 kun oldin
  • What a transformation! Beautiful!

    sn tgsn tg13 kun oldin
  • I'm obsessed with your family ❤ the room is awesome! This is my second video tonight its 2am looks like I'll be drinking coffee all day at work tomorrow

    Iris macIris mac14 kun oldin
  • Looks great. The doggies were definitely the stars of this show 🐕😻

    Alison Pendlebury-BrownAlison Pendlebury-Brown14 kun oldin
  • what i truly love about this is that he didnt even really change the room at all!! the layout is basically the same w the bed/desk but by swapping a few placements, adding in some features, and elevating some key elements i mean this guy makes it look too fucking easy! omg

    divine ogdivine og14 kun oldin
  • You forgot to add back his gaming chair, its important for gamers. And the block-out curtains was great to cut out reflection on his screens. Lovely make-over.

    Findme AtglenFindme Atglen15 kun oldin
    • Thank you!!

      Lone FoxLone Fox14 kun oldin
  • windows make that room dark color green makes it feel cooler

    Madd ScientistMadd Scientist15 kun oldin
  • It would feel better if you would look in the camera instead of yourself in the camera. It would make me feel like you are talking to me, which i think would be better. Anyway, your style and ideas are really interesting and fresh and also easy and cheap. Good luck!

    Іра СавченкоІра Савченко15 kun oldin
  • I loved the new green color on the walls, and fits perfectly with the dark wardrobe! 👏 And the decor items really bring the room to life 👏 The bed under the window was so weird at first, but now I'm thinking how to put mine like that 😂

    geryddlegeryddle16 kun oldin
  • Whoah those windows are 💯💯💯 your bro will def open those now ❤️

    Jess YJess Y17 kun oldin
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    Lockman CyrusLockman Cyrus17 kun oldin
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    Lockman CyrusLockman Cyrus17 kun oldin
  • is old room scream so much jock to me, and i find it even funny to see that hockey stick. you did such a good job, such a vibe

    checkmy flowcheckmy flow17 kun oldin
  • Wow really nice love the color n windows ur an awesome brother, enjoy 👍

    Maria TalaveraMaria Talavera17 kun oldin
  • I love your dog

    Linda ArtzLinda Artz17 kun oldin
  • Great job!

    Melinda P. UllrichMelinda P. Ullrich18 kun oldin
  • This is my favourite video of yours so far!

    JillJill18 kun oldin
  • I seriously adore your work! Haha your fam is so cute

    Em ElgueraEm Elguera19 kun oldin
  • I love your two cutie dogs and the color you had chosen😍

    Sophia LeeSophia Lee19 kun oldin
  • those 2 Bulldogs are sooooo cute ♥

    Parttime NinjaParttime Ninja20 kun oldin
  • That's one good looking family

    Robert WilhelmRobert Wilhelm20 kun oldin
  • Wow what an awesome makeover!! You are so talented!! I stink at decorating. You help me so much with your great ideas. I love that color green...a manly green. It's perfect. So brother loves his new room. Your family's so nice. You did a great job. You're hysterical with the word 😂😂😂

    Barbara CarboneBarbara Carbone20 kun oldin
  • The window arches are the 💣...look it!!👍👍

    sexylatindread sexylatindreadsexylatindread sexylatindread21 kun oldin
  • That clear cube shelf is very nice where can it be found

    sexylatindread sexylatindreadsexylatindread sexylatindread21 kun oldin
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    Coralineee CCoralineee C21 kun oldin
  • Oh my GOD, you talk even faster then me when I haven't taken any ADHD medicine . *lol* Thats really interesting to see.

    Magdalena AldalkiMagdalena Aldalki22 kun oldin
  • Wow! Loved it

    Jean GollnerJean Gollner23 kun oldin
  • This turned out great lol lol!!! Seriously though it really looks so fresh with the green, wasn't sure but after seeing it yes I'm loving it!!!! Your Mom has such beautiful eyes Drew. She should be on camera more often!!! Glad bro loves the makeover. What a great brother you are!! 💗 Love when you do room makeovers

    Michelle AngelloMichelle Angello23 kun oldin
  • Bed head must be against the wall. Otherwise bed fengshui

    Nicole OngNicole Ong24 kun oldin
  • His reaction made me so happppyyy

    Fatima AlshehhiFatima Alshehhi24 kun oldin
  • Great job!!!!! Love it!

    Manuel MartinManuel Martin24 kun oldin
  • You're too good at this..come to texas lol

    Michelle NgoziMichelle Ngozi24 kun oldin
  • Great job!! Love the dog🐶

    Susan PowersSusan Powers24 kun oldin
  • Twin XL? The windows are gorgeous, I love the arch.

    Jean LaubenthalJean Laubenthal24 kun oldin
  • Wow!

    Catrenia CCatrenia C25 kun oldin
  • Your momma looks like your sister cute and young looking

    Mary PetersonMary Peterson25 kun oldin
  • Nobody gonna talk abt the cute dog?

    Ana Francesca EvangelistaAna Francesca Evangelista25 kun oldin
  • Wow!!!!!

    Alice EAlice E25 kun oldin
  • Hi drew! Can you do a tips and tricks of renovating your own room videp? Like as simple as what to do to make your paint clean, hanging frames and avoid any mistakes etc. Love your videos for so long, excited if I could see morE!

    Puteri BalqisPuteri Balqis25 kun oldin
  • 💪💪👍👍👍👏👏✋✋

    Free Fire TVFree Fire TV25 kun oldin
  • You look just like your dad! And wow wonderful job! And the thing holding the wires, is it like a mesh thing? I want that lol

    chantay matoschantay matos25 kun oldin
  • Loved the room. The dog loves the rug. So cute. You hit that one out too!!!!! Good looking family.

    JoJo ByrdJoJo Byrd25 kun oldin
  • So cool!

    Guy and Carmen SchultzGuy and Carmen Schultz26 kun oldin
  • Wonderful! Suggestion: make it easy on yourself and say ‘drapes’. 😄

    Adriane KellyAdriane Kelly26 kun oldin
  • Oh, Jimmy. 🥰😍🥰

    Chasing LeonaChasing Leona26 kun oldin
  • Wow! What a transformation! Your brother is so lucky to have a brother like you and your family is adorable. ❤️

    Maria AMaria A26 kun oldin
  • I love to watch your make-overs! I'm going to keep calling you Lone though, okay? There are just too many things to compliment you on, really. But I have to mention the paint swatches. Whenever I go to Lowes I have to pick out a good chunk of colors because it makes me happy. Okay and then I just a few days ago ordered 2 of those exact ceiling fans in white though, (I love the black ones). And I love greys and greens and blues together and of course ivory, or as Hearth and Hand with Magnolia calls it "sour cream". I don't know why I I shared that but anyway, I adore the room you made over for your brother. I love your room best!!

    Thelma Grace1930Thelma Grace193026 kun oldin
  • Your mom is such a babe.

    Whitney LeberWhitney Leber27 kun oldin
  • Your mom is very beautiful 💟

    Miss AmuMiss Amu27 kun oldin
  • am i the only one crying??

    Symphoni MasonSymphoni Mason27 kun oldin
  • I would always recommend washing the curtains prior to hanging them so all the wrinkles can hang out :) LOVE the finished result! You are so talented and your brother is very lucky! Also: The sloth hanger is SO cute!!!

    Annika BeuschAnnika Beusch27 kun oldin
  • You are wonderful to listen to, but you give me a headache. You speak way too fast! Slow down. Breathe!

    L KL K28 kun oldin
  • What an adorable family. Loved how much of your brothers style and practical things you kept and he really seemed pleased. If I wasn’t so old and hated the heat so much I would be begging to be adopted.

    Amber KellyAmber Kelly28 kun oldin
  • "BEDROOM MAKEOVER" ft. Dad hahahha

    Zee TuZee Tu28 kun oldin
    • lonefox and Dad hehe

      Zee TuZee Tu28 kun oldin
  • So obsessed with your channel! This make over was 🔥🔥.

    Kristin AlejaKristin Aleja28 kun oldin
  • The dogs were the real stars of this one 😂❤️

    Tyler ETyler E28 kun oldin
  • Okay side note his mum is ridiculously beautiful

    LaurenLauren28 kun oldin
  • Dude you're so talented. You did such a great job on this room you made your brother so happy! =D Seriously good job in all you do I've been binging your channel for the last 4 hours while doing work on my computer. Keep it up, I'll keep watching!

    AutumneArtistAutumneArtist28 kun oldin
  • O ooooh I love this family... & your brother is cute asf

    Dhq._Nekiesha tntDhq._Nekiesha tnt28 kun oldin
  • your dog is so cute!

    Anastasia RitsuAnastasia Ritsu28 kun oldin
  • Such a good brother

    Amanda RoseAmanda Rose28 kun oldin
  • Q

    Kaleigh KomatsuKaleigh Komatsu29 kun oldin
  • the paint color matches the eye color! and I am obsessed with that ceramic knob....

    Arman AdhiranggaArman Adhirangga29 kun oldin
  • You should ha e switched the mirror and the sloth

    Esmeralda GreenEsmeralda Green29 kun oldin
  • You look a lot like your dad

    Esmeralda GreenEsmeralda Green29 kun oldin
  • Another great job!!! Btw, your mom is really a beautiful lady. You have such a fantastic family!!!

    Taylor FausettTaylor FausettOy oldin
  • It looks like Environ Green by Sherwin Williams is no longer available. Do you have a recommendation for something similar? Love the color.

    Ying DengYing DengOy oldin
  • The clean humor anteriorly include because peace consquentially exercise outside a raspy forecast. extra-large extra-small exuberant, motionless robert

    gerri turnergerri turnerOy oldin
  • Omg wow, that view out his window! 🤩

    Mystery KittyMystery KittyOy oldin
  • The light in this room is amazing. The dogs are so cute 😍

    Alison UKAlison UKOy oldin
  • You talk 🦜 so fast, however I can understand everything you're saying. 😄✔️

    Apartment Luxury LifestyleApartment Luxury LifestyleOy oldin
  • good job - cute dog

    truebe01truebe01Oy oldin
  • That was A-mazing! Such a small space and you have a great eye for placement and color (I'm a graphic designer). I've watched you for a while and came to look for DIY Pier One stuff but ended up loving seeing you with your fam. You're a great brother and your whole family seems sweet. Can't believe you did that in two days. Great job!

    Mt.BikeHerMt.BikeHerOy oldin
  • loved this but kinda wish the orientation of the room wouldve changed like moved the bed somewhere else😫

    JayJayOy oldin
  • awesome job! your family is adorable😘

    Herbivore to the CoreHerbivore to the CoreOy oldin
  • Your mom is so sweet and I hope she knows how beautiful she is too!

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  • Such a cute family

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